I am a regular contributor to the free educational magazine UKEd Magazine which is published by UkEdChat.

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Beyond The Textbook  Textbooks are dangerous. As teachers, getting the best out of our pupils means spending time extending and reinventing existing support materials so that our lessons might give them access to their content in an imaginative and relevant way. Textbooks often over-simplify material and this can leave pupils without the chance to engage with more complex ideas. A short version of this blog post was published in the August 2015 issue: Research in the Classroom. Read it here

An Inside Look: PSS Conference 2015 A summary of the discussions and workshops at the Philosophy in Schools with Students Conference in Leeds. Organisers Grace Robinson and Elizabeth Watkins brought forward a day of partnership as well as opportunity: a chance to reflect on the nature, purpose, and value of philosophy for children or #P4C. Published in the September 2015 issue: Getting Kids Thinking. Read it here

It’s time to Energise RE! This year has been a busy one for RE nationally. Teachers who are looking to lead, support and research the development of the subject were united at the Culham St Gabriel’s ‘Energise RE’ conference in Reading between  3-4 October 2015. This article provides an insight into the outcomes of the conference and provides practical advice for RE teachers looking to tap into new ideas from the movers and shakers of the RE community. Published in the December 2015 Issue: RE and World Culture. Read it here. You can also read more about the impact it had on me in my blogpost here.

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