My blog is a contributor to the RE Echo Chamber known as #BlogSyncRE

What is #BlogSyncRE? Follow the link to learn more about this project. It involves educational bloggers from all walks of the RE world and beyond who opt in, on a monthly basis, to writing a blog entry on our selected topic. Additionally it lists RE bloggers and other interesting RE blog posts.

Who can join? Anyone at all can sign up for #BlogSyncRE – you don’t have to be a teacher – and we encourage a diversity of viewpoints. Whether you are here simply to follow and read the monthly #BlogSyncRE or whether you are interested in contributing, be aware that this is a voluntary collective action. No one person controls it or determines its agenda. It’s simply a point of coalescence for a group of educators who are passionate about getting on with the job in the best ways possible.

How does it work?
Every month a topic is decided.
Bloggers “sign up” to write on this topic by the deadline.
Everyone blogging as part of that month’s #BlogSyncRE advertises the links to each others entries – this is done by using the hashtag #BlogSyncRE and sharing the url: https://thereandphilosophyechochamber.wordpress.com/ .
How do I start?
Follow #BlogSyncRE on twitter here.
Browse the list of regular RE bloggers here.

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