Supporting pupils of all abilities through the linear A Level

One of the significant challenges we have faced in RE departments this year has been the change to the linear A Level. Heads of Department and teachers have made our choice from the new specifications and are reaching the end of the first year of teaching. Some schools offer both the AS and A Level side by side and are thus in the midst of examination preparation. But others, including mine, have scrapped AS Levels altogether and offer pupils a two-year course.

This first year of OCR H573 has been a year of reflecting on our practice. My priority is to ensure that my department delivers the material in a manner which will best prepare our pupils for their three terminal examinations at the end of the course. The challenges of the new specification have revealed themselves over this year, and they were manifested most acutely by some disappointing performances in our recent Year 12 mock examination. This blog outlines these challenges and gives some practical suggestions about how to improve the teaching and learning in the Sixth Form to ensure that pupils of al abilities can be supported through the linear A Level and reach their potential in the subject.

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