Building Strong Strategies- A blog about #EnergisingRE : How is RE developing and where does its future lie?

How is RE developing and where does its future lie?

This blog is the second (and very tardy) resulting from the discussions and dialogues at the ‘Energise RE 2015’ conference in Reading from October 3-4th 2015. Over this weekend, Culham St Gabriel’s Trust brought together over 200 teachers and other RE professionals for a unique opportunity; to hear and respond to outstanding speakers and national leaders in RE, to network and form new alliances.

During the weekend, Dilwyn Hunt gave a super keynote speech on assessment in RE. It was filmed by the brilliant Jason Ramasami and is really worth a watch.Read More »


“What’s in a name?” But RE is no rose….

“If you have not guessed my name by month’s end, then you shall be mine!” ― Rumpelstilzchen

In all three of the recent ‘game-changer’ reports, Clarke/Woodhead, RE for REal, and Woolf, calls are being made for great revolution in RE. A lot of what is being discussed makes a whole lot of sense… until you get to the name-change business.

I am, actually, in favour of changing the name of RE. I do think it matters. BUT. If we are to re-brand our subject we must think like business people. A name is a banner to fly, and also a kernel. It is an important factor, but what is more important is the thing which it represents.Read More »