Informing Good Practice- A blog about #EnergisingRE – How is religion and belief changing in the UK and what impact should this have on RE?

This blog is from the discussions and dialogues at the ‘Energise RE 2015’ conference in Reading from October 3-4th 2015. Over this weekend, Culham St Gabriel’s Trust brought together over 200 teachers and other RE professionals for a unique opportunity; to hear and respond to outstanding speakers and national leaders in RE, to network and form new alliances.

 In the opening address from Mark Chater and others, a weather report for RE was offered: there is a lot of rain, mist and thundery spells. Being left out of curriculum reform, finding ourselves side-lined by the Ebacc and whilst waiting for new GCSE and A level qualifications to be approved by Ofqual means there are some uncertain times for RE ahead.  

But, it is not all overcast. There are some sunny patches to be found in the great work being done by schools, universities and faith groups around the country. In these three blogs, I offer what I believe we can do to facilitate a heatwave for RE. For now, it is important that we take a resilient view. If we can recognise that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing, we can look forward to a great future for RE. Just as faith calmed the storm for the disciples, faith in positive changes for RE, I have no doubt, will enable the heatwave to come. For me, it is change in RE which is our raincoat, umbrella and galoshes. We need to wear it well.


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