The Solar Eclipse: The Lesson of a Lifetime?

“What could be more clear or obvious when we look up to the sky and contemplate the heavens, than that there is some divinity or superior intelligence?” Cicero

Upon his discovery of gravity, Isaac Newton himself thought that the concentric motion of the planets around the sun was simply too uniform, and too wonderful, to be the result of chaos or chance.  It is a position which is taken up by many theists. When marveling at the design, regularity and beauty apparent in the universe, some argue that this is evidence enough for a God.

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The Problem with ‘About’ and ‘From’ in Religious Education: Why I am not that interested in my pupils’ opinions.

My pupils are desperate to know what religion I am. I am not telling them. It’s been a quite amusing and unintended behaviour management strategy; low-level disruption dissipates instantaneously to be replaced by rapturous attentiveness the very moment an individual tries to gather clues about my identity. My reasoning, though, goes much deeper than this. My religious beliefs are not that relevant.

It frustrates me that so much credit at GCSE can be given-over to the “in my opinion” response. I am interested the views of my pupils and enjoy giving opportunities for debate and discussion. But, I am not that interested. What I have seen in the RE classroom over the past 3 years is a worrying lack of time given over to enriching children’s’ skills in empathy for others views via a genuine critical assessment of their own views. This, I argue, is much more important. As we look to implement the changes which have been made nationally, I hope that this is might be on the cards for the future of RE.Read More »